Below you see the 250/1200 Newton reflector that my dear wife Simone gave to me. I use it together with a coma corrector and a DSLR to photograph galaxies, nebula, stellar clusters etc. For planets I use an adapter my brother manufactured together with a Barlow lense. For larger fields I simply mount the DSLR piggyback on the telescope.

Telescope-1 Telescope-2

Over the years, my brother Ferdinand Brezinski has manufactured quite a lot of useful tools for me, which help me to make better pictures and even enabled my first astrophotographic steps. At this point I would like to thank him for his most helpful commitment.

Tool-1 This adapter enables astrophotography with the Bruce telescope using a Canon DSLR. It has a Canon bayonet mount on one side and a screw thread fitting the one of the Bruce on the other.
Tool-2 A Barlow lense may be inserted in this adapter, fixed by a bolt at different distances to the sensor. It has an M48 screw thread on one side and the one of the Bruce on the other.
Tool-3 This adapter was designed to enable the use of a Barlow lense for astrophotography with my Newton reflector. The length of the device can be varied smoothly. Unfortunately, it turned out to be too massive and the leverage was too high when the DSLR was attached.
Tool-4 This adapter enables the use of a Barlow lense with my Newton reflector and is much shorter and lighter than the one above. It has an M48 screw thread on one side while the other fits into a 2'' Crayford focuser.
Tool-5 This handy tool allows me to adjust an angle appropriate for the subject when mounting the camera on the Seben EQ3 for piggyback photography.